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Effortlessly find info accross tools with AI

Hi everyone Martí here

In this newsletter, I'll share three valuable tools each week to help you reclaim your time, save money, and provide a bonus insight that could be new to you or serve as a reminder.

Let’s dive in!

👉 Klu.so

Today we find managing information spread across various applications and tools a complex task. However, addressing this challenge can lead to smoother workflows and improved collaboration, contributing to better outcomes.

Klu.so aims to simplify the process of accessing information by aggregating content from various apps into one browsing feature. Its AI helps you locating the information you are looking for.

It has a chrome extension, enhancing accessability and allowing users to access information.

Klu.so has added a chatbot which uses the information found to chat with you, making a robot to human conversation about that topic possible.

In this case the integrations Klu has are clue. It integrates with popular tools like Gmail, Notion, Google Drive, and Google Calendar.

If possible, to encourage the usage of your tool, try to make your product accessive from anywhere by creating a browser extension.

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👉 Jimo

Many businesses face the complexities of providing customized user journey. But if addressed, this leads to improved user satisfaction, deeper product understanding and user loyalty.

Jimo enables you to create custom onboarding experiences based on users’ specific requirements. This guided flow facilitates the user’s navigation of key features.

With in-app announcements and visual changelog integration allows users to be up to date with your product, enhancing their experience. Also, add highly contextualized surveys to gather relevant user feedback. Jimo’s AI text generator helps you with this.

It’s also important to mention Jimo integrates seamlessly with popular tools & provides analytics in digestible format.

It’s easier to understand what a product is about if the problem it’s trying to solve is clearly stated at the home page headline. Try to avoid explaining the product in a featurish way.

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Coordinating and managing meetings often involves juggling schedules, finding suitable time slots, and ensuring a smooth booking process.

Lemcal.com is one of the solutions to the complexities of meeting scheduling. What sets it apart from other more popular alternatives?

The platform stands out with its user-friendly design and range of customization features, ensuring that users can navigate and utilize the tool with ease but still looking great.

Also, recognizing the need for flexibility, Lemcal.com facilitates easy rescheduling of meetings, accommodating changing schedules with minimal effort.

Another feature of Lemcal.com is the ability to set daily exceptions, enabling users to specify constraints or preferences for each day, ensuring adaptability to daily variations.

It may be a good idea to mention upcoming features in the pricing section. It shows commitment, leveling up trust!

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I hope you found some of these tools interesting!

See you next week,