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Save up to 70 hours & launch you product faster

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Hi everyone Martí here

In this newsletter, I'll share three valuable tools each week to help you reclaim your time, save money, and provide a bonus insight that could be new to you or serve as a reminder.

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In today's digital landscape, effective product demonstrations, guides, and onboarding sequences are pivotal for success. Yet, creating these materials can often be a complex and time-consuming task, hindering user understanding, deal closures, and customer onboarding.

Enter Supademo.com, a solution designed to simplify this challenge for all. What makes it stand out is its no-code approach, making it accessible and cost-effective. The three-step process, from screen recording to automatic flow and text generation, streamlines demo and onboarding creation.

Supademo.com also prioritizes personalization, allowing you to tailor content to your specific needs. Whether you opt to share demos via public links or embed them in websites and support documents, Supademo.com offers flexible distribution options.

Make trying your product to new visitors as easy as possible. If the product is actually good, there are few other tactics that could sell it better.

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BoilerCode.co steps into the arena as a potential solution for Next.js developers. The common challenge it addresses is the need for efficiency when building tech products from scratch.

Developers, indie hackers and founders, know that time is important. The ability to iterate quickly and validate concepts is critical. BoilerCode.co enters the scene, offering a library of Next.js code, CSS resources, and integrations that can be easily integrated into projects. The result is a potential reduction in development time of around 70 hours.

One notable aspect of BoilerCode.co is its creator, Manoj, who brings experience from launching 40 products. This experience informs the tool's design, with a focus on streamlining development processes.

For businesses catering to less price-sensitive customers, it can be effective to showcase your more expensive plans first, positioned at the top or on the left. Arrange your product’s plans in descending order to convey that your other ones deliver superior price-to-value relationships, assuming there are no abrupt and significant differences in offered features and benefits.

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Navigating the world of customer support, especially in complex scenarios, presents its own set of challenges. Providing solutions to user issues is vital.

FullView.com introduces a simplified approach to achieving excellence in customer support, even in complex scenarios. One notable feature is its cobrowsing functionality, enabling support agents to remotely operate a user's mouse and keyboard. This real-time interaction ensures that issues are resolved efficiently and accurately.

An advantage is that FullView.com's cobrowsing feature doesn't require users to download additional software, enhancing its accessibility. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with popular live chat providers, making it a versatile addition to existing support systems.

FullView.com extends its capabilities further by providing the option to replay user sessions. This feature offers valuable insights into user issues, empowering support teams to gain a deeper understanding of problems and address them effectively.

Consider dividing your product into two or more distinct subproducts, each catering to unique target customer segments. This strategic approach enables you to customize your marketing and sales strategies. Additionally, it allows you to craft compelling bundled offers.

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I hope you found some of these tools interesting!

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