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Collect & find info quickly taking screenshots with AI

This week I found three tools you’ll love

Hi everyone Martí here

In this newsletter, I'll share three valuable tools each week to help you reclaim your time, save money, and provide a bonus insight that could be new to you or serve as a reminder.

Let’s dive in!

Are you faced with the challenges of providing feedback on web and mobile projects? If so, there's a tool you might find quite useful – Commented.io.

Commented.io simplifies the process of collaboration by allowing you to add comments directly to web and mobile projects. It's particularly beneficial if you've ever experienced the frustration of scattered feedback across various platforms.

One notable feature is its AI system, which refines comments for clarity and engagement, ensuring that your feedback is effective. Plus, it helps eliminate those pesky typos that can sometimes slip through.

If you appreciate modern communication, you'll like Commented.io's emoji reactions feature, which adds an extra layer of expressiveness to feedback. Additionally, sharing comments is effortless with the option to generate shareable URLs.

Embracing the potential for seamless integration with other tools is a valuable proposition that should be considered as both a benefit and a feature of your product or service. This capability can be leveraged to enhance the differentiation between each subscription plan you offer.

Business Insight

For those of us who frequently use screenshots as a quicker way to capture and save information rather than copying and pasting text elsewhere, Trickle is a valuable ally.

Trickle simplifies the management of your screenshots. It not only reads, summarizes, and extracts insights from them but also allows you to store them neatly in your "Memories" library. And when you need to find specific information within your saved screenshots, Trickle's search feature ensures you can do so effortlessly.

Moreover, Trickle's integration with platforms like Notion and WeChat (with Discord and Slack integrations on the horizon) adds to its practicality.

Tailor your offerings to different customer segments using a "pay per user" pricing model. Instead of creating multiple plans with increasing user limits as the price escalates, consider crafting distinct plans that cater to the specific needs of various similar customer groups. For instance, have a plan customized for Instagram marketers and another designed for YouTube marketers. This approach allows you to offer specialized solutions to alike audiences while differentiating based on unique features and details.

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Managing permissions in complex systems can be a cumbersome task, often leading to frustration and errors. Permit.io offers a solution to this common challenge.

Permit.io simplifies permission management by making it as easy as checking a box. This straightforward approach saves time and minimizes the risk of mistakes.

What sets Permit.io apart is its user-friendly features. Creating roles, inviting users, and setting up permissions are quick and hassle-free processes. It seamlessly integrates into your existing code, middleware, mesh, or API gateway, adapting to your specific needs.

Furthermore, Permit.io complements your current authentication process, ensuring a seamless transition to more efficient permission management.

Facilitating integration with open-source tools not only simplifies the process for customers but also expands the adaptability of this SaaS solution, making it a more versatile and attractive choice for a broader range of users.

Business Insight

I hope you found some of these tools interesting!

See you next week,